What is Live Casino?

Live Casino

Live Casino is a genre of online casino games that use real dealers to bring the feel of the Las Vegas casino experience into the home of the player. These games can be played on a desktop or mobile device and are designed by specialist companies with the playing experience in mind. The gameplay is easy to understand and the games run quickly across a wide range of devices.

To play a Live Casino game you will need to be logged in to your online casino account and head to the live section of the site. Once you are there you will be able to choose a table to play on and the dealer who will be dealing. You can communicate with the dealer during the session using the chat facility which is a great way to get your questions answered. You can also make side bets on the games if you wish.

The live casinos that you can play at are run by specialist operators that have the necessary software and hardware in place to stream the action in HD. A typical setup will include a studio room where the game is being played, an analyst room and the software room. The live game is then streamed to players over the internet via a high quality connection that should be compatible with most modern home internet connections.

During the game the dealer will be watched by the analysts in the analyst room, who are tasked with evaluating the performance of the croupiers and the effectiveness of the software that the casino uses. They will be able to see the bets being made and they can respond to them in the stream.

A key aspect of the game is that it has to be completely unbiased in order for the players to have confidence in the outcome. In order for this to happen the dealers are subject to strict licensing conditions and the software used to operate the games is built with the latest security features in place. This helps to protect the players and ensure that their financial data remains secure.

The interface between the digital technology used by the online casino and the live action on the tables comes in the form of a system that can read specific playing cards or a roulette wheel for instance, and an ingenious piece of hardware called the game control unit which digitises all the information and transmits it to the gaming client. The result is that the results of a live game can be displayed in seconds on the screen of the player. The game can then be continued at a later date if required. You can open an account with a live casino today and receive one of the huge sign-up offers available, but be sure to check that any welcome offer hasn’t expired before you start playing. It’s a fantastic opportunity to try your hand at these exciting games and to meet some of the world’s most interesting people while doing so.