What Is a Live Casino?

Live Casino

Live casino is more than an online casino, it is a real-life environment where you can play games against a dealer. The dealers are live and you can play anytime, anywhere, with a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Live casino games have high-definition graphics and the latest technology. Aside from that, they offer a wide variety of real-time games.

Live casino games have a large number of features and are ideal for people who like to experience the excitement of a brick-and-mortar casino. The most important component of a live casino is the Game Control Unit (GCU). This small box encodes the broadcast video and helps the dealer run the game. The GCU may also include a wheel. Most casinos work with a major manufacturer for their configuration and install built-in sensors to capture the dealers’ actions. These devices are controlled by the casino software, which translates the results into a live stream.

Live casino games have long evolved from their beginnings. Technology is helping these games achieve an authentic experience. Players are drawn to these games due to the authentic feel they provide. They also have the added advantage of being convenient. Besides the added features, live casino games are also technologically advanced, meaning that they are more realistic and exciting than ever.

As with any other type of casino, live casino operators have to comply with regulations and laws. Gaming commissions and special authorities are in charge of overseeing the industry. A reputable live casino will have a license from the government of the country in which it is operating and will be regulated. Software providers will also be licensed in the country in which they operate.

Live casino games also offer a unique element that online casinos may not have – interaction between players. Using a chat box, players can converse with dealers while playing a game. The chat box is usually monitored and read by the dealer, making the whole experience much more social. This helps create an atmosphere that is more likely to lead to more winnings.

Live casino games must also keep up with the latest developments in the gambling industry. If they do not offer this, they risk falling behind the online casinos and traditional casinos. In the midst of all this, live casinos are increasingly serving as showcases for other online casino games. Moreover, these games are advertised as ‘flashy’ and ‘glitzy’, so as to recreate the high roller experience.

Online casinos invest a lot of money and technology to create an authentic live casino experience. The video quality used is superior and the operators use high-resolution equipment. In addition, they use several cameras to capture different angles. You can even see slow-motion video when a live dealer opens a card or stops the wheel.